How To Avoid Trucking Reweigh Charge

How To Avoid Trucking Reweigh Charge

The PS-10KF+105P is ideal for industrial or shipping use. It features Label Printer, rechargeable battery and RS232 output. The label printer enables your worker increase their working pace by simply weigh the pallet, print the ticket and peel off the sticker to apply to your pallets and / or shipping documents.

Weight capacity is as high as 10,000lbs and it is accurate to 1lb.

UMBRELLA – the ultimate solution to protect you from freight re-weigh charges:

If you ship your products by trucking, this is not new to you: you may receive letters from your trucking companies stating the weights of your pallets are more than the ones stated on the paperwork so they send you a bill with the extra payment you owe them.

We call it a “Reweigh charge”.

If the reweighed pallet exceeds the weight on the paperwork, the trucking company will send a reweigh notice with extra bill for the extra weight.

Reweigh sometimes is not fair even conspiratorial, especially when the clients don’t have a scale to check the weight by themselves.

When you receive such letters, you need to dispute claiming the weight on the paperwork was correct.

But how?

Welcome to Meilestone.

We are offering an Umbrella Program which including a floor scale, a label printing indicator and calibration certification which are designed for clients who is fighting on their pallet weights to avoid extra shipping expenses.

Best of all we are certified agent so we are eligible to issue such certification.


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